News from Finca Curbelo

We are pleased to announce that we will open our Finca Curbelo on the 15th December 2021! Due to the measures and restrictions since March 2020, the work on our new finca “Curbelo” in Uga has taken longer than expected. But now you are able to book your holidays on our website.

The owners have designed a wonderful holiday paradise together with their team, which consists exclusively of companies from the island of Lanzarote. The fascinating elements of the island of Lanzarote were crystallized with depth and assembled into a stylish mosaic.

This is how the 7 different sized individually designed apartments, each for 2 people, present themselves with their own theme:

The Game of Lights

The energy of lava

Reducing to the essentials

The Freedom of the Wind

The Movement of the Atlantic

The power of the volcano

The uniqueness of nature

These themed apartments are accompanied by pictures by Christian Honerkamp. Since 1993 he has been working as a freelance artist in Lanzarote and Cologne.

Images by the artist Christian Honerkamp accompany with the colour concept and provide creativity and energy in orange and black tones. The apartment offers a quiet and authentic retreat for your unique holiday with special feel-good experiences in Lanzarote.